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What are the initial symptoms of diabetes

What are the initial symptoms of diabetes? At first, many diabetic patients will lose weight and physical strength, which is due to lack of energy, fat and protein consumption. They will often feel tired. If they haven't done something, they will feel tired. There are also some hunger. They will feel hungry, palpitation and trembling. These are the few small symptoms.

Diabetics are not necessarily those who are very thin. They just lose some weight when they are aiming at their original weight. When you find that the recent increase in appetite, drinking more water, but physical strength is not good, it is already the early symptoms of diabetes.

Early symptoms of diabetes will also appear some small oral problems, when you appear oral mucosa with petechiae, ecchymosis, edema, you need to pay attention to, these are some tips.

Early symptoms of diabetes will also be reflected in the skin, when your skin appears some similar problems, it is best to go to the hospital in time to check, skin abrasions or scratch after it is not easy to heal, foot ulcer does not heal for a long time; or there are repeated skin, vulva infection, these need attention.

What are the initial symptoms of diabetes described above for the reference of patients. If there are similar early symptoms of diabetes, go to the nearby hospital for consultation and take good care of your body.