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What are the symptoms of diabetes complications

Experts pointed out that diabetes itself is not terrible, the terrible is the complications of diabetes. If diabetic patients have the following conditions, it is suggested that diabetic complications may occur. What are the symptoms of diabetic complications?

1. Fatigue and weakness. The accumulation of metabolites in the body cells leads to severe fatigue.

2. Thirsty, dry throat. It is suggested that blood glucose and blood viscosity increase.

3. Blood pressure rises. If blood sugar rises, blood volume will increase and blood pressure will be high.

4. Abdominal distension and constipation. Abdominal distension and constipation may be due to gastrointestinal smooth muscle weakness, autonomic nerve damage, and excessive use of biguanides.

5. The whole body swells. It was suggested that the blood glucose decreased too fast, resulting in intracellular edema.

6. Headache and dizziness. High blood pressure and hypoglycemia, will appear headache dizziness.

7. Skin desquamation. The skin is dry, desquamated and itchy.

8. Numbness in both feet. Pain in both feet, followed by numbness, like a sock like loss of consciousness, suggesting the occurrence of diabetic peripheral neuritis.

9. The skin color of both feet changed. The feet were pale and cool, and soon turned dark purple, showing foot ischemia. Severe foot ischemia is a sign of foot gangrene.

10. Blurred vision. It is suggested that the accommodation function of eyes is decreased and mild cataract may occur.