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Can diabetic patients eat melon seeds?

Can diabetic patients eat melon seeds? Do diabetics eat melon seeds? Most diabetics know that diet therapy is an important means to control the rise of blood sugar. Knowing that a small number of meals need to be taken to relieve the burden of pancreatic islets and control the development of the disease, snacks will become one of the means to ensure adequate nutrition. In daily life, many patients like to eat melon seeds, and even the melon seeds leave the mouth all the time. They think that this can relieve hunger, and they do not know that eating melon seeds is bad for diabetes.

Melon seeds are rich in nutrition and attractive aroma. Watermelon seeds can strengthen the stomach, benefit the lungs and moisten the intestines; Sunflower seeds are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E; Pumpkin seeds have insect repellent effect. Properly eating melon seeds can stimulate the taste nerve on the tongue, promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, facilitate digestion and health, and promote the movement of facial muscles. It is reported that sunflower seeds have medical value and can treat diarrhea, pustules and other diseases. But because the melon seeds contain a certain amount of sugar, diabetics should try to eat less. If eating 500 grams of melon seeds per day, it will definitely affect blood sugar, which is not conducive to controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients. In addition, melon seeds are rich in protein and oil. Eating a large amount of melon seeds not only greatly increases calories, but also increases blood lipids. Some blood lipids can be converted into glucose through gluconeogenesis to increase blood glucose. In addition, when eating melon seeds, saliva will be lost because it adheres to the melon seed shell and is spitted out. Excessive loss of saliva will lead to oral ulcer, gingivitis, dental caries, indigestion and other diseases, but also dull taste and loss of appetite. Saliva helps to remove the food residue in the mouth, reduce the chance of bacterial multiplication and fermentation, and protect the oral mucosa. Once the oral ulcer happens, the patients with diabetes can hardly recover. Therefore, when eating sunflower seeds, it is best to peel them with their hands, and remember that they cannot eat too much at one time.

Diabetics eat quantity of melon seeds to calculate the amount of oil to minimize the perturbation. Especially when you want to eat, don't exceed 150 grams a day. And it should be converted into energy and deducted from the total calories of the diet in a day. If you eat less than 100 grams of cooked steamed bread, you can eat no more than 70 grams of sunflower seeds with shells, and you should check your blood sugar in the hospital regularly.

Having read the above contents, we should know some questions about whether diabetic patients can eat melon seeds. More about the topic of eating melon seeds by diabetics. Wish you a happy life!