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How to carry on the correct diet treatment of hypertension patients

How to carry on the correct diet treatment for hypertension patients? The diet treatment of hypertension patients is based on the principle of reducing sodium salt, eliminating cooking fat and adding appropriate amount of good protein, paying attention to supplement calcium and potassium, eating more vegetables and fruits, quitting smoking and drinking, scientific and educational drinking water.

1. Diet spared: do three meals a day on time quantitative, not too hungry, not overeating. Daily recipes can be placed as follows: carbohydrates 250-350 g (matching staple food 6-8 Liang), novel vegetables 400-500 g, fruit 100 g, cooking oil 20-25 g, milk 250 g (ML), high protein food 3 (each refers to: lean meat 50-100 g, or egg 1, or tofu 100 g, or chicken, duck 100 g, or fish and shrimp 100 g. 4-5 eggs a week is enough).

2. Scientific drinking water: the hardness of water is closely related to the occurrence of hypertension. Studies have proved that hard water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, which are the main regulating materials for vascular smooth muscle cell relaxation and contraction function. If it is lack, it is easy to cause vasospasm and eventually lead to increased blood pressure. Therefore, for patients with hypertension, only drink hard water, such as spring water, deep well water, natural mineral water, etc.

3. Diet should be light: advocate vegetarianism, vegetarianism can reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Is the following blood pressure patients diet should be flat, appropriate high vitamin, high fiber, high calcium, low fat, low cholesterol diet. The total fat is less than 30% of the total calories, and the amount of egg white accounts for 15% of the total calories. He advocated to eat more fine grains, pure grains, novel vegetables, fruits, bean products, fat meat, fish, chicken and other foods, and started to eat animal oil, and eat less lard, greasy food and sugar, spicy, strong tea, coffee and so on.