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How to do the daily self-examination of hypertension?

How to do the daily self-examination of hypertension? Hypertension is mainly divided into two categories, one is primary hypertension, the other is secondary hypertension. Primary hypertension refers to heredity, environment, work pressure and so on; The cause of secondary hypertension can be found, such as secondary to some kidney diseases, chronic nephritis, hereditary polycystic kidney and so on. If the cause can be found, if the hypertension can be treated, if the cause can not be found, about 95% of the patients are primary hypertension.

Common symptoms of hypertension

"The common symptoms are dizziness, head numbness, inattention, reduced work efficiency, chest tightness and palpitation." Experts said.

Daily self inspection methods

"The daily self-examination method is generally to measure blood pressure. For families, electronic sphygmomanometer is recommended. The electronic sphygmomanometer, in the European guidelines, sets blood pressure targets for families. " Experts said, such as the hospital measurement of systolic blood pressure standard 140mmHg, diastolic blood pressure standard 90mmHg, measured twice or more in different time is higher than this value, that is hypertension. But the measurement standard at home is a little lower. If the measured value is greater than 135mmhg of systolic blood pressure and 85mmHg of diastolic blood pressure, you need to go to the hospital for examination.