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How to treat infantile hematochezia with acupuncture?

How to treat infantile hematochezia with acupuncture and moxibustion? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood is leached from the anus, or mixed in feces, which is called hematochezia. Hematochezia can be divided into three types: intestinal wind, visceral toxin and spleen deficiency hematochezia. Clinically, we should distinguish between near blood and far blood. Near blood is bright red or goes down before feces, which is mostly caused by hemorrhoids; far blood is dark, which is often mixed in feces, which is mostly caused by diseases of upper gastrointestinal system, and should be treated according to syndrome differentiation.

The etiology and pathogenesis of hematochezia are as follows

1. Exogenous six evils: such as exogenous wind cold, or sitting in the wetland, the evil knot of wind cold and Yin can cause bloody stool. The evil of damp heat can make Rong Wei lose his way, and the infiltration into the large intestine is intestinal wind and visceral poison.

2. Unclean diet: excessive eating of greasy and thick taste, or excessive drinking, gastrointestinal heat, damp heat, so blood.

3. From the beginning to the end, they are too tired, or drunk and full, so that they can't control the blood due to spleen deficiency, and their blood runs out of the way, infiltrates into the large intestine and causes bloody stool.

Treatment principle of hematochezia:

1. The treatment of hematochezia should be divided into exogenous and internal injuries. Those with exogenous diseases should be dissolved first, and then treated according to the deficiency and excess of cold and heat. Those with internal injuries are mostly deficiency and cold, and tonic is appropriate.

2. If the stool is bleeding for a long time and does not heal, and if it loses too much blood, it will lead to great loss of occult blood. Therefore, it is urgent to nourish blood and nourish yin.

Treatment based on syndrome differentiation

1. Intestinal wind

Symptoms: bloody stool, bright red and clear blood, anal pain, mostly near blood, red tongue, yellow fur, pulse floating string.

Acupuncture: main point, Quchi, Shangjuxu, Chengshan. With acupoints, Hegu, Changqiang.

2. Dirty poison

Symptoms: bloody stool, dark purple and turbid blood, anal swelling, greasy or yellowish tongue coating, slippery pulse.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion: the main points are large intestine Shu, Tianshu, Shangjuxu and Chengshan. With points, blood sea, Yin Ling spring.

3. Spleen deficiency and hematochezia

Symptoms: pale complexion, dizziness, blurred eyes, normal stool, no pain in anus, frequent lower blood, not fresh blood, pale tongue, white fur, and heavy pulse.

Acupuncture: main points: Pishu, Taibai and Zusanli. With acupoints, Qihai, Baihui.

If the symptoms of hematochezia are mild, acupuncture can be used to reduce the damage to the body.