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Perennial constipation might as well try early to drink vinegar

It is no doubt that the old vinegar is better than countless medicines for constipation. Modern scientific research shows that the aged vinegar is rich in amino acids and some enzymes, as well as various unsaturated fatty acids. Taking aged vinegar can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce blood lipid, neutralize some toxins and maintain the balance of ecological flora in intestinal environment. The application of diet therapy in the treatment of habitual constipation is not only effective, but also has no toxic and side effects.

Mature vinegar will keep constipation away from thousands of miles away, experts said: the reason is that mature vinegar contains rich amino acids and a large number of enzymes that promote digestive function, can promote intestinal peristalsis, maintain the balance of intestinal flora in the environment, so it can treat habitual constipation without toxic and side effects.

Most laxatives have more or less side effects, such as abdominal pain, intestinal dehydration, further damage to the spleen and stomach, and even lead to more serious constipation, but vinegar will not be so, so people with constipation for a long time, especially the elderly, can have a try.

The specific method is very simple: every morning, drink a teaspoon of vinegar on an empty stomach, the more aging the better, and then drink a cup of normal temperature boiled water. If you don't get used to drinking vinegar at the beginning, you can mix half honey in the aged vinegar first. When defecation slowly normal, the amount of vinegar can be reduced, but generally not less than half a spoon.