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Three bad habits get you constipation

Constipation is actually a very painful thing, have you noticed? Three bad habits in life will make constipation haunt you. Let's understand it together.

1. I seldom drink water

Constipation patients had better drink 8 ~ 10 glasses of water a day. Especially in the morning, drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach, can wake up the large intestine, stimulate gastrointestinal reaction. In addition, 70% of the stool is water, from this point of view, adequate water intake, in improving constipation is very necessary. Because if our body is short of water, the water in the stool will be absorbed by the large intestine, and the stool will become dry. Hard stool is difficult to lubricate through the rectum and anus, which will cause pain in defecation, harm the anus and cause anal fissure and other adverse symptoms.

2. Always wear waist belt or body shaping clothes

In Nara Women's University in Japan, a professor has done such a research and survey. The subjects are female students who wear waistband and those who do not. They are asked to eat the same food and the same amount, and then observe the amount of defecation. The results show that the amount of defecation of female students wearing corset and bra is much less than that of girls without such clothes. The reason, the professor points out, is that tights blunt parasympathetic nerves.

Tight clothes inhibit the parasympathetic nerve that regulates defecation activities, reducing the digestive juice of the endocrine system of the large intestine. In the small intestine, the power to decompose food forward becomes weaker. Therefore, when food residues pass through the large intestine, it takes more time than normal. The professor pointed out that it is in this process that constipation can easily occur. Therefore, constipation serious women, try not to wear tight clothes, especially when sleeping, do not give the body too much restraint.

3. Always use the toilet with books or newspapers

There are always some people who will take a book or newspaper when they go to the toilet. This is actually a very bad habit. When the stool is not smooth, sitting on the toilet, reading books and newspapers seems very leisurely. However, many people may not know that 10 minutes later, if you are still sitting on the toilet, it will cause unnecessary pressure on the anus, and the health of the anus will be quietly damaged.

Defecation time is best within 3 minutes, from sitting on the toilet to the end of excretion. Beyond this time, if the force, it is easy to suffer from hemorrhoids. Therefore, we must abandon the idea that since we are sitting on the toilet, we must excrete it thoroughly. No, no, no, we should do this. After a certain period of time, we stand up decisively and leave the toilet. Even if you have a feeling of residual stool, you should go to the bathroom, and don't sit on the toilet for too long.