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Do you know what causes constipation

Although constipation is not a disease, but constipation for a long time, it will cause the occurrence of other diseases of the body. Prevention of constipation needs to start from understanding the cause of constipation. Do you know the factors leading to constipation?

The causes of the disease were as follows

Normal defecation requires gastrointestinal contents containing a certain amount of dietary fiber to pass through each section of the digestive tract at normal speed, reach the rectum in time, and stimulate the anorectal canal to induce defecation reflex. During defecation, pelvic floor muscles coordinate to complete defecation. The above defecation process of any link obstacles, can cause constipation. The common reasons are as follows:

1. Unreasonable eating habits and insufficient dietary fiber intake are common causes,

2. Bad defecation habits, such as squatting for a long time, should not exceed 3 minutes,

3. Long term restraint of defecation,

4. Unreasonable use of laxatives,

5. Change of environment or defecation position,

6. Pregnancy,

7. Old age, nutritional disorders.