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Why constipation

Why constipation? What's the harm of constipation? Constipation can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in dull skin, acne, spots, and the formation of a small stomach, which is one of the prime culprits to damage the health and beauty of women. There are six main causes of constipation.

1. Seldom drink water at ordinary times

Patients with constipation should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Especially in the morning, drinking a cup of warm water on an empty stomach can wake up the large intestine and stimulate the gastrointestinal response. Moreover, 70% of the stool is water. From this point of view, adequate water intake is very necessary to improve constipation. Because if our body is short of water, the water in the stool will be absorbed by the large intestine, and the stool will become dry as a result. It is difficult for the hard stool to pass through the rectum and anus smoothly, which will cause the pain of defecation, damage to the anus, cause anal fissure and other adverse symptoms.


As for water intake, let's start by drinking more warm boiled water or green tea. Those carbonated drinks such as coke and soda that can produce gas, as well as coffee and black tea that have strong diuretic effect, will absorb water in the body and have adverse effects, so it's better to drink as little as possible.

2. I don't think it's possible to defecate every day

Constipation is a state of abnormal retention of stool in the intestine. In medicine, if the number of defecation is less than 3 times a week and the amount of defecation is less than 30g per day, it is constipation. However, if there is no special abnormality, it is not a big problem.


If you defecate every day, but you have to use a lot of energy every time. If you defecate for a long time and still have a feeling of disability or discomfort after defecation, you should doubt whether you have constipation. Of course, the amount of defecation varies from person to person. If you don't feel particularly uncomfortable, you don't have to stick to it once a day. Defecation should also be pleasant and comfortable. Abandon those unnecessary forced concepts, especially some young girls who pay attention to figure, and they are easily misled by some wrong concepts, such as how much to row as much as they eat. In fact, it is the most important to keep a good mood and respect the law of nature.

3. Take constipation medicine habitually

Wait for a day or two. If you don't feel like defecating, start taking constipation drugs. This habit is the enemy of health. At first, it always works, but as time goes on, once there is resistance, in order to be effective, it is necessary to increase the dosage. This dependence on constipation drugs will eventually lead to the weakness of intestinal peristalsis, so that without drugs, the intestinal tract can hardly peristalsis by itself. Therefore, it is not necessary to take constipation medicine. If you want to take it, you must take it under the guidance of a doctor. Don't be a doctor yourself.

4. When it's time to defecate, don't do it

After breakfast, after more than 30 minutes, I felt a faint sense of defecation. I wanted to sit on the toilet and defecate calmly, but I was almost late when I looked at my watch. Do you want to pull or not? When you are hesitating, there is an angry face in your mind, whose? Of course, it's the boss's. At last, I had to give up defecation and rush to work. There are not a few professionals who have had such experience. Still have, take subway or drive on the way, feel to have convenient idea, but have no way, can bear only. I thought that I would go to the bathroom as soon as I got to work, but when I got to work, I had a regular meeting and a group discussion. I was so busy in the morning. In the end, it means to be missed again and again in such a busy time.


Often so bear inconvenience, eventually led to constipation. In the process of giving up again and again, the large intestine is more and more slow to respond to the signals of defecation, and gradually, it has no defecation. Seriously, there is no desire to defecate. So if you feel comfortable, you need to solve it immediately.

5. Always use the toilet with a book or newspaper

There are always people who must take a book or a newspaper when they go to the toilet. This is actually a very bad habit. When the stool is not smooth, it seems very leisurely to sit on the toilet and read books and newspapers. However, many people may not know that 10 minutes later, if you still sit on the toilet, it will cause unnecessary pressure on the anus, which is how the health of the anus is quietly damaged.


The defecation time should be within 3 minutes, from sitting on the toilet to the end of excretion. Beyond this time, if you use force, you will easily suffer from hemorrhoids. Therefore, we must abandon the idea that since we are sitting on the toilet, we must excrete thoroughly. No, no, no, we should, after a certain period of time, stand up decisively and leave the toilet. Even if you have a sense of disability later, you should go to the bathroom and don't sit on the toilet too long.

6. Always wear waist belt or body shaping clothes

A professor at Nara Women's University in Japan conducted such a study. The subjects were female students wearing girdle belts and female students without girdle belts. They were asked to eat the same food, the same amount, and then observed the amount of defecation. The results showed that the amount of defecation of girls wearing girdle belts and brassieres was much less than that of girls without such clothes. The reason, the professor points out, is that tights blunt parasympathetic nerves.


Tights inhibit the parasympathetic nerve which regulates defecation activity, reduce the digestive fluid of large intestine endocrine, weaken the power of pushing food decomposition forward in small intestine, so when food residue passes through large intestine, it takes more time than normal. The professor pointed out that it is in this process that constipation is easy to occur. Therefore, women with severe constipation should not wear tights as much as possible, especially when they sleep, and should not give their bodies too much restraint.