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Emergency treatment of infantile constipation

(1) Gently rub the baby's abdomen with the palm of the hand, take the navel as the center, rotate and rub from left to right, massage 10 times, rest for 5 minutes, massage 10 times again, repeat for 3 times.

(2) When the baby is lying on his back, hold the baby's legs and do flexion and extension, that is, stretch and bend for 10 times, and then bend and extend for 10 times with one leg.

(3) Apply oily external medicine (such as chlortetracycline ointment) to the baby's anus, pad with soft paper, gently push and press the anus, and slowly do 10 times. Generally, the patient will have bowel movement or defecation soon. Prolapse of anus, also known as rectal prolapse, refers to the prolapse of the anal canal and rectum.