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What good method does cure pregnant woman constipation have?

What good method does cure pregnant woman constipation have? Constipation not only causes physical discomfort to expectant mothers, but also affects their emotional stability. In order to help expectant mothers eliminate the troubles caused by constipation, here are five good prescriptions to relieve constipation.

Three causes of constipation in pregnant women

After pregnancy, under the influence of endocrine hormone changes, the placenta secretes a lot of progesterone, which reduces gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal muscle tension and muscle peristalsis. In this way, the time for the food to stay in the gastrointestinal tract is longer, and it can't be discharged out of the body as normal as before pregnancy.

Moreover, due to the longer stay time of food in the intestine, the water in the food residue is reabsorbed by the intestinal wall cells, resulting in the feces becoming dry and hard, which is difficult to be discharged from the body.

In addition, after pregnancy, the physical activity of pregnant women is less than that before pregnancy, which makes it difficult for intestinal muscles to push feces outward; The enlarged uterus oppresses the rectum, making it difficult to excrete feces; In addition, the muscles of the abdominal wall of pregnant women become weak, and there is not enough abdominal pressure to push them when defecating. Therefore, even if pregnant women have a sense of defecation, but also forced contraction of the abdominal muscles, but the accumulation of feces in the rectum is still difficult to discharge.

Two harms of constipation

After constipation, pregnant women have a sense of defecation all day, but they can't discharge it, which leads to flatulence and makes them very uncomfortable. Not only are they in a bad mood, but also their appetite is greatly affected. Severe constipation will make part of the toxins in the feces recycled to the blood, which has adverse effects on the health of pregnant women.

When constipation, the water in feces is reabsorbed by intestines, which makes feces more dry. In this way, when defecating, it is easy to cause intestinal mucosa damage, hematochezia, trigger or aggravate the original hemorrhoids.

Five good prescriptions for relieving constipation of pregnant women

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Pregnant women often have difficulty defecating due to eating too fine food, so they should eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse cereals containing more cellulose, such as celery, green leafy vegetables, radish, melons, apples, bananas, pears, oats, beans, brown rice, etc. Eat regularly. Don't overeat.

2. Defecate regularly in the morning

Every morning and after every meal, it is most likely to appear defecation. Therefore, after getting up, first drink a cup of cold boiled water or honey water on an empty stomach, and then eat a good breakfast to promote the upright reflex and gastrocolic reflex after getting up. In this way, will soon produce defecation, long-term adherence will form a good habit of morning defecation. Among them, wake up in the morning defecate the best.

3. Drink more water

Pay attention to drinking water every day, but master the skills of drinking water, otherwise, even drinking water may not have any effect. For example, if you drink water at a fixed time every day, you should take big mouthfuls, but not binge drinking, so that the water can reach the colon as soon as possible, instead of being absorbed into the blood by the intestines. In this way, the feces can become soft and easy to be discharged from the body.

4. Keep exercising every day

In the third trimester, many pregnant women are often lazy because of their heavy body, so constipation is more obvious in the third trimester. Moderate exercise can enhance the contractility of abdominal muscles, promote intestinal peristalsis, and prevent or reduce constipation. Therefore, pregnant women even when the body is increasingly heavy, they should also do some physical exercise, such as walking, in order to increase the bowel movement power.

5. Keep your body and mind happy

Reasonable arrangements for work and life, ensure adequate rest and sleep, maintain a good mental state and optimistic attitude towards life. Pregnant women should not be upset because of vomiting discomfort, irritable state of mind can also lead to constipation, might as well do more interested things, such as listening to music, watching flowers, reading, try to avoid bad mental stimulation.

Constipation will bring a lot of discomfort to expectant mothers. I hope the methods I mentioned can help you avoid or reduce these discomfort and pass pregnancy smoothly. Next time, I'll talk to my mother to be about food therapy, which is convenient and safe.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of what is a good way to treat constipation in pregnant women. More topics about constipation will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!