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Overnight meals may cause acute enteritis

Overnight meals may cause acute enteritis. In the recent week, the number of patients with acute gastroenteritis in many hospitals in Harbin has increased sharply, and the fifth hospital of Harbin alone has received more than 80 patients with acute gastroenteritis in a week. It is reported that most of these patients with acute gastroenteritis develop from eating overnight meals, cold drinks and uncooked food. Doctors suggest that the public should be cautious about eating overnight meals and cold food to avoid causing gastrointestinal diseases.

Shock in patients with continuous diarrhea

On June 29, Mr. Wang, 42 years old, ate four ice cream in a row because of the hot weather. That night, he went out to have barbecue and drink beer with his friends. He developed diarrhea continuously, more than 20 times a day. Three days later, Mr. Wang's symptoms did not improve, and his hands and feet twitched. His family immediately sent him to the City Red Cross Central Hospital for treatment. The doctor diagnosed him with acute gastroenteritis and hypovolemic shock. Because the patient was seriously dehydrated, the doctor immediately gave him a series of symptomatic treatment, such as anti-inflammatory, massive fluid infusion and ion supplement, and Mr. Wang gradually improved.

Jiang Fan, deputy chief physician of General Internal Medicine Department of Red Cross Central Hospital, said that people usually prefer cool food in summer, and like to eat frozen, raw and cold, uncooked food. If they accidentally eat food contaminated by bacteria, or drink unclean cold water, they can't escape from diarrhea and cause acute gastroenteritis.

Overnight leftovers risk

At about 9 o'clock yesterday, Ms. Liu, who lives in the South Road of Daowai District, ate some fried rice made the night before. She felt that the taste was not right. After more than an hour, Ms. Liu suffered from gastrointestinal discomfort, sweating and vomiting. Her family immediately accompanied her to the emergency department of the city's fifth hospital for treatment. After the doctor inquired about Ms. Liu's morning diet, he confirmed that she had eaten deteriorated rice, which led to acute gastroenteritis. The reporter learned that more than 80 people have been suffering from acute gastroenteritis due to eating overnight meal or deteriorated food in the recent week.

Yin Jinru, a digestive physician at the fifth municipal hospital, said that in midsummer, meals cooked at home can't be eaten overnight. If they are stored in the refrigerator overnight, they must be hot through before they can be eaten. If you feel peculiar smell, you must not eat, otherwise it is easy to lead to the occurrence of acute gastroenteritis, usually suffering from stomach disease will cause stomach disease recurrence or aggravation.

Health is the most important thing

According to reports, the main symptoms of acute gastroenteritis are diarrhea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even fever, vomiting and so on. Doctors suggest that to avoid acute gastroenteritis, the public should first pay attention to personal food hygiene. In addition, they should not drink cold drinks for a long time, so as to avoid gastroenteritis caused by sudden drop of gastrointestinal temperature and sudden contraction of small blood vessels. Once there are adverse symptoms, should immediately to the hospital for medical treatment, so as not to delay the disease, affect health.