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What reason causes ulcerative enteritis easily?

Health tips: enteritis is one of the most common diseases, but due to the cause of enteritis and the different constitution of each person, if you don't pay attention to it after the cure of enteritis, it may lead to the recurrence of enteritis. So why is it easy to relapse? What are the causes of enteritis?

Factors leading to ulcerative colitis (1) mental and neurological factors: the patient's condition is complicated or worsened, which is related to emotional changes such as mental tension, inner conflict and anxiety, so physical and mental factors may play an important role in the initiation and development of the disease. At present, it is recognized that the inducement is a disorder of colonic secretion, blood vessels and motor responses produced by the mediating effect of autonomic nerves, which makes the disease worse or worse.

Factors leading to ulcerative colitis (2) lysozyme Theory: lysozyme is an enzyme that dissolves mucus, and its concentration increases greatly in patients with ulcerative colitis, but decreases when cured. It is considered that this enzyme is over formed in patients with ulcerative colitis, which makes the colon lose the protective effect of mucus, and forms a local environment which is convenient for cell invasion.

The incidence rate of ulcerative colitis (3) is genetic factors: incidence rate of family and incidence of race in Europe and America are significantly different, and the correlation between this disease and some HLA is related to genetic factors.

What is the cause of ulcerative enteritis? Through the introduction of the above contents, I hope you can understand the causes of ulcerative enteritis. In daily life, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet, but also to strengthen physical exercise, so as to reduce the occurrence of various enteritis.