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How to prevent enteritis effectively in summer

How can summer prevent enteritis effectively? We know that summer is a season of bacterial reproduction. If we don't pay attention to life and diet hygiene in summer, it may cause gastrointestinal diseases. How to prevent enteritis in summer?

The reason of acute enteritis is one of the main causes: infection. Human is omnivorous. When eating unconjugated or deteriorated food, intestinal diseases often occur, which accounts for most of the causes of acute enteritis.

The reason of acute enteritis is second, autoimmunity: with the development of society, medical progress and rapid development of immunology, there are many diseases with unknown etiology that can be proved. At present, the incidence rate of immune diseases is high and treatment is difficult.

The prevention of high incidence of enteritis in summer is to arrange diet reasonably and pay attention to balanced diet and nutrition. In summer, the food should be light, especially for those who love to eat meat. Parents should pay more attention to adjusting the diet structure and encourage children to eat more vegetables and fruits. Do not drink cold, do not eat too much, avoid causing gastrointestinal function damage.