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What are the hazards of enteritis

For the harm of enteritis, many patients must have a deep understanding, only the necessary treatment is the key to the solution, so what harm will appear in the body of patients with enteritis?

Infection factor: infection is one of the main causes of colitis. When the disease occurs, the use of antibiotics has different degree of control and treatment effect, which shows that it is related to infection. Human beings are omnivorous. When they eat uncooked or deteriorated food, they often have intestinal lesions, which account for most of the causes of colitis.

The harm of enteritis is two. Heredity: the incidence rate of blood diseases in this disease is high. According to the statistics in Europe and America, about 15-30% of the patients with ulcerative colitis are directly related to blood relatives.

The harm of enteritis 3. Autoimmunity: with the development of society, the progress of medicine and the rapid growth of immunology, there are many diseases with unknown causes that can be detected. At present, the incidence rate of immune diseases is high and treatment is difficult.

In summer, it is hot. People should pay attention to hygiene on diet. At this time, the incidence rate of enteritis is relatively high. People must pay attention to it.