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How big is the harm of chronic colitis? How to treat chronic colitis

How much is the harm of chronic colitis? At present, due to various reasons, many healthy people suffer from colitis. The harm of colitis can not be ignored. It not only causes harm to their own body, but also causes disharmony to their families. Therefore, we must implement early treatment of colitis to avoid harm to us.

Harm of chronic colitis

Hematochezia: hematochezia is one of the main clinical manifestations of the disease, and the amount of hematochezia is also an indicator to measure the severity of the disease. The massive hematochezia mentioned here refers to a large number of intestinal bleeding in a short time, accompanied by rapid pulse, decreased blood pressure and hemoglobin, which needs blood transfusion treatment. In addition, long-term chronic bleeding can also cause iron deficiency anemia.

Intestinal stenosis: it mostly occurs in cases with extensive lesions and a course of disease lasting for more than 5-25 years. Its parts are mostly found in the left colon, sigmoid colon or rectum. Clinically, it is generally asymptomatic and can cause intestinal obstruction in severe cases. When intestinal stenosis occurs in this disease, we should be vigilant against tumors and distinguish benign from malignant. The mortality rate of patients with colitis can be as high as 44%,

The clinical manifestations are rapid deterioration of the disease, obvious poisoning symptoms, accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal tenderness and rebound pain, weakening or disappearance of intestinal sounds, increase in the number of leukocytes, and easy to be complicated with intestinal perforation.

The harm of chronic colitis should not be underestimated

According to experts, chronic colitis is a chronic, recurrent and multiple intestinal disease with colon, sigmoid colon and rectum as the onset site. The main symptoms are: chronic diarrhea or constipation, dull or dull pain in bilateral abdomen and bilateral lower abdomen.

When the body releases self-defense substances and stimulates a large number of immune cells to agglomerate and accumulate on the mucosal surface of the digestive tract, resulting in inflammation such as edema, congestion and exudation on the mucosal surface, intestinal lesions, and further lead to intestinal diseases such as colitis. One to one communication with experts

Chronic colitis can often cause a large number of lymphocytes to accumulate in the lymph nodes around the intestinal system to fight the viruses that cause intestinal infection and intestinal mucosal damage. Under the effect of long-term inflammation, it can cause immune cells to enhance their attack, kill each other, destroy normal cells and aggravate inflammation.

How to treat chronic colitis

There are many ways to treat colitis. It's hard to say too much here to avoid the suspicion of advertising.