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What medicine is good for chronic gastritis

What medicine is good for chronic gastritis? To understand this problem, first of all, chronic gastritis is a persistent, chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when the epithelium of gastric mucosa is frequently attacked by various pathogenic factors.

At present, Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of chronic gastritis. But the food is not the section, the spirit factor and so on is the important inducement. Of course, with the change of the times, the change of living conditions and the development of science and technology, the etiology of gastritis will be found.

What medicine does chronic gastritis take?

First: acute attack, mainly western medicine.

Second: chronic attack, mainly traditional Chinese medicine.

Emphasize: no matter be chronic or acute period, health care bears the brunt first, cannot neglect!

It is very important to choose medicine to treat this disease. The side effect of Western medicine is large and drug resistance is strong. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese patent medicine are slow to take effect and have a long course of treatment.