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How to care for children suffering from pertussis?

How to care for children suffering from pertussis? Pertussis is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by pertussis bacillus. This disease is highly infectious. If children are found to have pertussis, they should be isolated immediately to avoid contact with healthy children. The isolation period is 6 weeks from the date of onset. As long as the patient and meticulous care, pertussis does not necessarily cough for 100 days.

1. Nursing of cough

(1) Keep the air in the room fresh, indoor smoking and cooking are not allowed, to avoid dust and bad smell, so as not to stimulate the sick children spasmodic cough attack. When possible, take sick children to outdoor activities to breathe fresh air. But we should pay attention to the sick children to wear a good package to prevent catching cold.

(2) We should be patient with sick children, try our best to reduce their crying and emotional fluctuations, and use storytelling, funny games, toys and other methods to divert children's attention, so as to reduce the frequency of spasmodic cough.

(3) When the sick child has a spasmodic cough, help to lie on the side or sit up, pat the back, press the abdomen or use the abdominal bandage, which can often reduce the abdominal pain caused by the tension of the abdominal muscles, and help to discharge the sputum.

2. Nursing of diet and vomiting

Because spasmodic cough can cause vomiting and affect the intake of nutrients, the sick children should be given a nutritious and easy to digest diet. Eat more vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Infants eat thick milk, such as adding rice flour in milk, can reduce choking. Generally, it is appropriate to eat after spasmodic cough. The food temperature should be appropriate. Too cold and overheated diet can lead to cough and vomiting. When the sick child vomits, turn the head to one side. It is better to hold or sit up, so as to avoid vomitus choking into the trachea. Gargle in time after vomitus. Clean the mouth of infants and young children. Drinking boiled water can also achieve the purpose of cleaning the mouth, so as to avoid oral ulcer.

3. Pay attention to observe the condition and find the complications as soon as possible

It is very important to find and treat the complications in time.

The most common complication is pneumonia. In the whole process of illness, if the sick child has symptoms such as fever, wheezing, flapping of nose, cyanosis and so on, it is a sign of pneumonia.

If the patient has severe headache, irritability, small baby performance scream crying, or ventilation, coma, may be combined with intracranial hemorrhage.

If the sick child has symptoms such as unconsciousness, aspiration, aphasia, limb paralysis, it may be combined with encephalopathy.

When the above complications appear, the patient should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time. Pertussis is a disease with strong infectivity, long course of disease and serious complications. Therefore, it is particularly important to patiently and carefully take care of the sick children's cough, pay attention to the observation of the disease and discover the complications as soon as possible.