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Early symptoms of asthma

early symptoms of bronchial asthma: bronchial tubules belong to allergic asthma disease, and the patients with more than plate millet are all asthma caused by genetic reasons. Most of the common patients are people with allergic constitution. The antigens of the production inspection include drugs, pungent smell, fur, scurf, pollen, dust, fur, etc. Let's take a look at the symptoms of asthma? What are the early symptoms of bronchus? The early symptoms of bronchial asthma are sudden breathing, accompanied by asthma, dyspnea, and white foam sputum. Early symptoms of bronchus ② cough, chest tightness, sneeze. The early symptoms of bronchus ③ inhalation is still relatively smooth, but exhalation is very difficult. The early symptoms of bronchi ④ asthma attack lasts for more than 24 hours. In severe cases, the extremities and lips may be purplish, which is called cyanosis. The early symptoms of bronchi are cold sweat and even collapse. The early symptoms of the bronchus ⑥ asthma attack interval, generally asymptomatic. Bronchial asthma should also be distinguished from cardiac asthma, the former is mainly dyspnea, mostly seen in young people, with normal blood pressure, the latter is difficult to breathe in and breathe out, the elderly are more, with hypertension, arrhythmia and other symptoms. It is difficult to have a long-term effective treatment plan after suffering from asthma. When the disease occurs, we should rest in bed, take a semi sitting position, keep the environment quiet and sanitary, and avoid allergic stimulation. Generally, antiasthmatic drugs can be used in treatment, such as ephedrine, adrenaline, aminophylline, shuchuanling, etc. For the patients with asthenia, it is necessary to replenish fluid in time and take salt and sugar water appropriately to prevent dehydration. There is a kind of atypical bronchial asthma, characterized by dry cough and chest tightness. There is no obvious shortness of breath, even no shortness of breath, and no wheezing sound can be heard. It also has a seasonal attack, which can be repeated. Especially when smoking soot, irritant gas, dust, cold air will cause paroxysmal cough, chest tightness. It is easy to be mistaken for bronchitis because it only coughs but not breathes. However, although many antitussive and expectorant drugs and antibiotics are used in this kind of patients, it will not improve; if aminophylline and shuchuanling are used to treat asthma, they will have significant effect. Early symptoms of bronchial asthma: through the introduction of the above content, I hope you can understand the early symptoms of bronchial asthma. If the patient is not familiar with the symptoms of their own asthma, they can consult the relevant doctor.