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Food therapy conditioning method for pregnant women with fever and cough

1. Radish Countermeasures

· Radish and cabbage soup. 250 grams of cabbage heart, 60 grams of white radish, fried with water, 10-20 grams of brown sugar, eat vegetables and drink soup.

· Vegetable root soup: wash and slice 3 Chinese cabbage roots, add 7 green onion roots, fry soup and sugar while hot.

· Radish soup: wash and slice 150g white radish, add 900ml water, fry to 600ml, add 5g white sugar, take a cup while hot, and take another cup half an hour later.

· Rice vinegar radish dish: 250g radish, appropriate amount of rice vinegar, wash and slice the radish, soak it in vinegar for an hour, and serve as a dish.

2. Ginger tea Countermeasures

These kinds of ginger tea should be taken while it is hot, and then covered to take micro sweat. It is best to have a sleep, which helps to reduce body temperature and relieve headache and body pain.

· Orange peel ginger tea: 10 grams of orange peel ginger, fried with water, and 10-20 grams of red pond when drinking.

· Ginger garlic tea: 15 grams of garlic and ginger respectively, slice, add a bowl of water, fry until half a bowl, and add 10 ~ 20 grams of Hongtang when drinking.

· Ginger sugar drink: 15 grams of ginger slices, 3 cm long scallion, 3 sections, add 50 grams of water, boil and add Hongtang.

3. Other countermeasures

· Congee with Scallion white: 50g japonica rice, cut 2-3 stems of scallion white, cook congee with an appropriate amount of white sugar, and eat hot.

· Onion and black bean soup: 30 grams of scallion, 10 grams of light black bean, 3 pieces of ginger, 500 grams of water, 30 grams of yellow rice wine, hot clothes, cover and sweat.

· Orange peel water: 30g fresh orange peel (15g dry orange peel) add 3 cups of water, fry into 2 cups, add sugar and drink while hot.

· Coriander soybean soup: 30g coriander, 50g soybean, add 1000ml water, fry to 600ml, season with salt.

· Sydney pot: wash Sydney, chop the skin, add rock sugar, steam in sand pot or tile pot. Suitable for wind heat cough.

· Hangbai chrysanthemum sugar tea: 30g hangbai chrysanthemum, with appropriate amount of sugar, soaked in an appropriate amount of boiled water and drunk instead of tea.

· Water for water chestnuts: several water chestnuts, appropriate amount of rock sugar, add water and cook together, eat water chestnuts and drink soup.