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How to prepare the prostate for cold resistance?

The incidence rate of prostatic hyperplasia is increasing year by year in China. Incidence rate of incidence rate of benign prostatic hyperplasia is only 8% and lighter, according to medical literature. The incidence of benign prostatic hyperplasia is only 8%, and it is increasing rapidly after 40 years old. The incidence rate of male is 51-60 among 51-60 years old. At 61-70 years of age, the incidence rate can increase to more than 70%, while 90% of elderly men over 80 years old have prostate hyperplasia.

Elderly patients with BPH are liable to deteriorate in winter, and are prone to frequent urination, urgency and pain. Heavy weight can cause acute retention, hydronephrosis, and * urination, which can endanger life. When it's cold, the elderly with BPH often urinate more frequently at night, less than 3-5 times, more than 10 times. Frequent urination not only interferes with sleep, but also often leads to colds due to frequent getting up at night. Many commercially available cold medicine can aggravate the symptoms of urinary tract obstruction, making it more difficult for the elderly with BPH who originally have poor urination to urinate. In order to prevent BPH from endangering life, experts remind the elderly with BPH to pay special attention to the following three points in winter:

Don't sit in a cold chair. When you go out, you should not only keep your underwear warm, dry and comfortable, but also pay attention not to sit on the cold benches, stone benches and fitness equipment in the street garden, park and community fitness garden, or even on the rocks and steps when you go climbing.

Take cold medicine with caution. Whether it's urinating at night or going out for activities, the elderly with relatively weak constitution should pay attention to cold and wind prevention to avoid catching a cold. * once a cold is applied, many medicines for treating cold will aggravate dysuria and even cause acute urinary retention in patients with BPH. Common drugs include Ganmaotong, suxiaoganmao capsule, vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets, Ganmaoling and other compound cold drugs containing chlorpheniramine.

Try not to hold your urine. Some old people have to urinate once every half an hour. Although it's not much each time, it's more enjoyable. But when it's cold, I don't want to go to the toilet (especially those who need to go out to pee due to the limitation of living conditions), or when I play cards or mahjong, I always want to hold it for a while. As a result, I can't urinate after a long time. This is because suffocation affects the blood circulation of prostate and bladder neck, aggravates local edema, and then leads to dysuria.

In addition, experts also occasionally appear in the elderly with benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary obstruction, introduced three small prescription can be temporary emergency: 1) hot compress method. In the small abdominal area, the hot compress (hot water bottle or hot water bottle can be tolerated *) for 5-10 minutes, the prescription is effective for patients with relatively short urine retention and not very serious bladder filling, which can relax the bladder outlet under intense contraction so as to facilitate the excretion of urine. 2) Massage. After rubbing with both hands, gently massage along the navel to the midpoint of pubic symphysis (about above the penis) for 3-5 minutes, and gradually increase the pressure, which also has the effect of promoting urination. 3) Drug law. Take 500 grams of scallion white, mash into mud, divide into two bags, each into musk powder, mix well. First take one bag and place it on the navel (Shenque acupoint), then iron it with hot water bag for about 15 minutes; then change another bag and apply it on the medicine bag with ice for 15 minutes. They alternate and urinate gradually.

After reading the above content, we should know more about how to prepare for the cold resistance of prostate. More topics about male health will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!