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Newly married honeymoon men should be careful of prostatitis

Newly married honeymoon men should be careful of prostatitis. The etiology of prostatitis, honeymoon prostatitis, 'long drought every dew, foreign encounter old knowledge. Wedding night, golden list nomination. 'is the four great joys of life in ancient China. Wedding can be said to be the most important thing in life, but on this day, some bridegroom often encounter unspeakable embarrassment. Prostatitis makes many bridegroom's original happy mood cast a shadow of helplessness.

Prostate experts of traditional Chinese medicine family website said: this disease in the new marriage period can also be called 'honeymoon prostatitis', and its incidence is mainly related to the daily life of the newly married men in this period.

First, the excitement and freshness of the newlyweds often lead to the uncontrollability of the sex life in the honeymoon, and the excessive frequent sexual intercourse will make the prostate repeatedly and continuously congest, which is in line with the pathogenesis conditions of aseptic prostatitis and is an important reason for the occurrence of inflammation.

According to the relevant statistical data, the rate of prostatitis in those who have sex repeatedly in a short period of time can reach 89.7%. In addition, because of fear of pregnancy and the use of women can not let go of sperm, interrupt sexual intercourse method, can also make prostate congestion and inflammation.

Second, to celebrate your wedding anniversary, friends and relatives should always use wine to help you. As we all know, alcohol is the enemy of the prostate, which can make the prostate congest rapidly. A lot of alcohol, constant stimulation, can eventually lead to inflammation. In addition, those who eat too much spicy food and blindly take the so-called "Aphrodisiac" drugs can make the prostate congested and edematous, causing diseases.

Third, during the wedding, the bridegroom's body resistance decreases due to a series of factors, such as busy and nervous marriage, long-distance travel, maladjustment of hunger and satiety, inconstancy of temperature and so on, which makes him vulnerable to bacterial invasion and prostate infection. At the same time, many people do not pay attention to sexual health during this period, appear urethritis, retrograde infection and suffer from prostatitis.

Finally, experts further remind that: in fact, some men have suffered from chronic prostatitis before marriage, coupled with the influence of many factors in the new marriage period, so it is easy to aggravate prostatitis during this period, or even lead to acute prostatitis. Therefore, experts advise grooms not to forget to prevent prostatitis when they are happy on their honeymoon.