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How should suffer gonococcal prostatitis treat?

Health tips: gonorrhea patients due to more pus discharge to the prostate caused by urethritis, mostly acute prostatitis, sudden onset, high fever, frequent urination, urgency, pain, anal perineal distension, there is a sense of pressure and jumping pain.

Kefan: how to treat this disease?

Dr. Li: gonorrhea is often resistant, that is to say, the general conventional drugs are not effective on it. To this kind of patient often must use a lot of antibiotics, to this kind of pathogenic bacteria treatment cannot adopt the traditional method. For example, oral medicine, injection, infusion effect is often not very good. We should take effective antibiotics directly into the prostate, and the dosage should be enough. This effect may be very good. We can also put antibiotics through the vein, also can control the infection in the urethra, but also can make the pathogen of prostatic fluid get radical cure, the effect will be better.

Kefan: both ways. We all know gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease, is not the patient in the treatment, his spouse or his sexual partner, also need treatment?

Dr. Li: This is also a key issue.

Many people think that gonococcal prostatitis can not be cured for a long time, but he does not feel it. However, his sexual life is still normal. The biggest victim is his spouse and his wife. She may be infected with gonococcal vaginitis. The man recovered through effective gonorrhea treatment, but his spouse was ignored, so his spouse became a source of infection, and then transmitted to him, which was a headache for them to and fro between their husband and wife.

Therefore, we must thoroughly examine and treat the spouse of gonococcal prostatitis patients. The treatment of patients and their spouses is best carried out at the same time, during the treatment must be separated room. What is a cure? We need to have a standard. Through the bacterial culture in the prostatic fluid and the gonococcus culture of his wife's vaginal secretion, they should be carried out three times in a row, with an interval of one week. Only when the test results are negative, can we think that we are cured. If it is not completely good, or there are atypical pathogens, we have to treat. At the same time, there is another feature of women's treatment of this disease. Women also have menstrual cycle. Once menstrual cycle comes, medication may be interrupted, and then local pathogens may recover. Therefore, two to three months of treatment and examination are needed to be carried out, so as to rest assured.

Kefan: so how can this disease be regarded as recovery?

Dr. Li: for men, after stopping the use of antibiotics, two or three times of gonococcal culture tests in the prostatic fluid are carried out. If the results are negative, then we can think that they have recovered; for women, it is more complicated. Her vaginal secretions will contract more than usual, and a little yellow, this time may have been combined with atypical gonococcal infection, so also need to carry out the culture of secretions, and to carry out two to three months of culture test, only the results are negative, we can think that she is recovered.