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Matters needing attention in the examination of prostatic fluid

Health reminder: what should be paid attention to when checking the prostatic fluid? This is a problem that many patients are concerned about. Prostatic fluid examination is the only way to diagnose prostatitis, but many patients do not know what problems need to be paid attention to before the examination. In order not to affect the accuracy of the examination results, experts made the following answers.

Prostatic fluid examination is an important means to diagnose prostate diseases, so we must ensure the accuracy of the results.

1、 The main diagnostic index of prostatic fluid was high number of red cells in prostatic fluid.

If the white blood cell count of prostatic fluid smear is more than 10 / high power field, the lecithin corpuscles decrease or accumulate in a pile. It is suggested that there is inflammation in the prostate. Macrophages with a large number of phospholipid granules in the cytoplasm are the characteristic manifestations of prostatitis, It has certain diagnostic significance for patients with suspected genital tuberculosis. The prostatic fluid examination of trichomonal prostatitis can occasionally see active Trichomonas. When gonococcal urethritis complicated with prostatitis, the smear of prostatic fluid is a large number of white blood cells and pus cells, and gonococcal bacteriology should be performed

2、 The items needing attention in prostate fluid smear examination are as follows:

1. Collection of prostatic fluid: the operation method has influence on the composition change of prostatic mask. If the massage force is excessive, it can cause slight damage to the prostate and increase the number of red blood cells in the prostatic fluid;

2. In the congestive stage of prostatitis, the number of white blood cells in prostatic fluid smear can be normal or decreased, which is caused by congestion, edema or fibrosis of the interstitial tissue of the prostatic duct;

3. Uneven smears of prostatic fluid: it may cause errors in the examination results. It has been proposed to use prostate cell counting method to correct the deviation. The normal value of white blood cells in prostatic fluid is 1000 / & mu; L

4. After rooming, masturbation and sexual excitement, the leukocytes in prostatic fluid may increase temporarily