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Does sedentary cause male prostatitis easily?

Prostatitis is a common male disease, the causes of prostatitis are various, experts said, in daily life, some bad habits will also cause prostatitis, especially the sedentary male friends, how is this going on?

Experts pointed out: when excited, prostate congestion can sometimes cause severe pain, especially when the blood is congested for a long time; the most severe pain often occurs at the same time as the orgasm of sexual desire or immediately after ejaculation. Of course, not all patients with chronic prostatitis have these symptoms. But if these symptoms appear, it may lead to the termination of sexual life or secondary impotence.

Prostatitis is a more and more serious threat to men's' gland 'health, which makes many men feel worried. Although there are many factors leading to prostatitis, sedentary is undoubtedly a factor that can not be ignored. For example, some occupations that need to be sedentary, such as it practitioners, drivers, designers, etc., the probability of prostatitis among men in this industry is much higher than that of other men Home reminds the majority of male friends, sitting, holding urine and frequent impulse is easy to cause prostatitis, it is recommended that men sit for a long time to get up and move on, and then continue to work.

Sitting for a long time will oppress perineum, make prostate congestion, cause prostatitis, the way to alleviate is' stand up for a walk ', and experts say: in fact, to the prostate decompression, lying in bed is better than walking. Sedentary person had better find a bed - sofa also OK, lie on for a while, to alleviate prostate gland congestion condition more effective.

Experts remind: prostate disease patients with recurrent attacks, chronic disease is difficult to treat, because there is no standardized treatment and medication, resulting in bacterial insensitivity, antibiotic resistance. Experts pointed out that as long as the correct scientific treatment method, the treatment of prostate disease is not difficult.