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Do you know the benefits of prostate massage

It is better to massage the prostate with the help of others, because it is easy to hurt other organs by massaging yourself. Before massaging the prostate, the patient should first empty the stool, and then take the knee chest position or side lying position on the bed.

The operator's right index finger is covered with a finger cover or milk gloves, which can also be replaced by a condom. A small amount of Vaseline or paraffin oil is applied on the finger cover. During the operation, massage around the anus for several times to make the anal muscles relax. Then slowly put the index finger into the anus, with the finger belly downward. The chestnut sized column glands can be touched at about 3-4cm below it. There is a shallow groove in the center.

At this time, the patient will have a sense of urination, and milk white liquid will flow out of the urethra. After that, the patient can send for examination. If there is no liquid outflow, urine can be taken after massage for examination. As long as the urine is turbid after massage, it means that a small amount of prostatic fluid enters the urethra after massage and is washed out by urine.

Prostate massage therapy is a kind of therapy that can relieve the accumulation of prostate secretion, improve local blood circulation, and promote the absorption and regression of inflammation through regular massage and drainage of prostatic fluid and discharge of inflammatory substances. Massage of prostate is not only a diagnostic method, but also a therapeutic method.