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Why does chronic prostatitis always relapse after treatment

Why does chronic prostatitis always relapse after treatment? Prostatitis has acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. If acute prostatitis is not effectively controlled, it will turn into chronic prostatitis, so we should attach great importance to it.

Why does chronic prostatitis always relapse after treatment?

1. Bacterial resistance: with the repeated cross infection of pathogenic bacteria, prostatitis patients with recurrent attacks, long-term medication, so that most of the strains are not sensitive to antibiotics, resulting in drug resistance.

2. Special physiological barrier: due to the relatively small blood flow in the prostate and the lipid membrane of its epithelium, it has a barrier effect on most antibacterial drugs, so that these drugs can not reach the effective therapeutic concentration in the prostate, resulting in poor drug efficacy.

3. Insufficient dosage or course of treatment: most patients with chronic prostatitis can not insist on seeing a doctor, discontinue treatment by themselves, do not review in time, or use insufficient drug dosage and course of treatment, resulting in failure to cure or relapse completely.

Why does chronic prostatitis always recur after treatment? Are you satisfied with the above answer? For your health, experts remind patients to go to the regular professional hospital for examination and treatment, we wish you a speedy recovery.