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When does male menopause begin?

When does male menopause begin? Experts point out that although many people know that men have menopause, they don't know how old male menopause begins. Therefore, in order to prevent and delay the arrival of male menopause, many men choose to take various health products and even abuse aphrodisiacs. This practice is extremely undesirable and may even cause great harm to physical and mental health. So, in the end, how old does male menopause begin? How should we face it?

In general, some men will have inexplicable psychological and physiological changes after they reach the age of 40 or 50. These changes are caused by male menopause. For male menopause, experts suggest that many men can be preliminarily diagnosed as male menopause syndrome when they have symptoms such as bad temper, easy fatigue, lack of concentration of work experience and reduced efficiency at the age of 50.

Of course, the age of male menopause varies from person to person, and everyone's performance is different. The survey shows that most men aged 40 ~ 70 will have male climacteric syndrome. The older they are, the more obvious the symptoms are. However, in China, the research on male menopause has just started, and the social understanding of this problem is not enough.

According to experts, no matter how old male menopause begins, its symptoms mainly include the following aspects: lack of concentration, memory loss, reduced sleep, easy fatigue, decreased working ability, loss of interest in surrounding things, depression, anxiety, irritability, paranoia and neuroticism. In addition, some male climacteric syndromes are characterized by osteoporosis, decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and so on.

Experts remind that if you don't know how old male menopause begins, you should consult a professional doctor to understand it. Don't take drugs without authorization. Moreover, the age of male menopause is also affected by many factors. As long as we pay attention to maintaining diet and nutrition, adhere to physical exercise, ensure rest and emotional optimism, we can delay the arrival of male menopause.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of when male menopause starts. More about when male menopause starts, will continue to introduce it in the next article. Welcome to check it. Wish you a happy life!