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Is it suitable for men to drink milk or soymilk for breakfast?

Is it suitable for men to drink milk or soymilk for breakfast? Now there is a popular saying in society: "men drink milk, women drink soy milk.". This statement is scientific because soy contains phytoestrogen isoflavones, which have special physiological functions for women, such as regulating endocrine, making skin healthy, preventing breast cancer and preventing menopausal fever. However, it does not mean that men will drink Soybean milk or women drink milk. What harm will it do? Especially when men see the propaganda of soybean estrogen, they will have a psychological resistance, which is very unnecessary.

Soybean is the only effective source of phytoestrogens (isoflavones). The mechanism of isoflavones acting on the human body is to replace the receptors of human endogenous estrogen in the body, regulate hormone levels, and reduce the risk of hormone related cancers, such as breast cancer. Isoflavones also have beneficial physiological effects on men, including reducing the incidence of prostate cancer.

The iron content of milk is very low, and children who feed milk for a long time are prone to iron deficiency anemia. Because of special physiological conditions, women need more iron than men, which is why soy milk is more suitable for women than milk.

In fact, the nutritional value of soybean milk can be comparable to that of milk. It is suitable for all ages. For the elderly, it is more effective in preventing stroke, maintaining heart and vascular health, improving intestinal function and maintaining youthful vitality. However, the digestive power of infants is weak, and histidine can not be synthesized by itself, so the nutritional needs of soybean milk for them are relatively incomplete. Therefore, infants under two years old should mainly eat dairy products, but for infants with lactose intolerance, soybean milk has a certain auxiliary effect, because some experiments have proved that soybean oligosaccharides can prevent and treat lactose dyspepsia, However, this requires special guidance from a doctor or nutritionist. To sum up, whether we should choose milk or soymilk depends on our own needs. Milk also has its advantages: high content of amino acids, easy digestion and absorption, rich in calcium; Soybean milk, of course, is no inferior. It can improve intelligence, build body, fight cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, and prevent osteoporosis. If you find it difficult to give up after reading these introductions, it's easy to do. The golden mean is to drink soy milk or soy milk in turn. We should: drink health!

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the problem that men drink milk or soymilk for breakfast. More topics about men drinking soymilk will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!