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Five essential points for taking health care products during menopause

What are the key points of taking health food in menopause? In the face of so many health food, do menopausal women need to eat? Experts remind you: from the correct diagnosis and evaluation, to careful use, so as to ensure their health.

l. Ask the doctor for diagnosis and evaluation

The center for complementary and alternative medicine of the National Institutes of Health recommends that whether hormone replacement therapy or replacement therapy and healthy food are used, doctors should be consulted first to assess the benefits and disadvantages to individuals. Obstetricians and gynaecologists especially remind us that "consult the doctor first, and see what the doctor's diagnosis is for you", because there was a climacteric patient who felt that he had palpitations and found that it was a heart disease. There was also a patient who felt very hot all the time and later found out that it was hyperthyroidism, so don't eat healthy food with your head stuffy. It turns out that it doesn't work, but it delays the time for diagnosis and medical treatment. After making sure you don't have other diseases, you can further deal with the symptoms of menopause.

The North American menopausal association suggests that women with symptoms should start with improving their lifestyle, exercise, wear loose clothes and eat less spicy food. If necessary, they can use it in combination with healthy foods, such as soy isoflavones or black cohosh. But if the symptoms are very serious, greatly affecting the daily life, we need to find a doctor to further evaluate whether to use hormone replacement therapy.

When evaluating whether or not to eat healthy food, it is of course necessary to go to the doctor who has studied in this field for discussion. In fact, most gynecologists at home and abroad hold an open and learning attitude towards alternative therapies, because they have to keep up with the pace in the face of patients' constant inquiries and needs.

For example, the American Medical Association and the Federation of interstate Medical Council encourage doctors not only to learn alternative therapies, but also to discuss more with their patients. Therefore, patients now need to tell doctors what alternative therapies they have tried.

2. Understand the side effects of the product and the interaction with other drugs

In addition to asking doctors to evaluate their own situation, what treatment and improvement methods they should have, they should also be very clear about the possible side effects of the products they eat, or the interactions with other drugs. For example, black cohosh may bring gastrointestinal discomfort, whether they can tolerate. It should be avoided because of the possibility of liver failure. People taking anticoagulants should avoid using evening primrose oil and red clover, and evening primrose oil and red clover should not be used at the same time.

3. Choose the products of large factories with quality assurance

When purchasing, we must buy products with uniform road and clear label to see if the label of active ingredients is consistent with the content, and pay attention to the use and manufacturing quality of manufacturers to ensure the effect of health care. Moreover, the price of these products should be within a reasonable range, not surprisingly expensive.

4. Short term use and regular tracking

As mentioned above, most of the clinical trials and researches on these health foods in western countries are conducted in a short period of time, from half a year to a year, so it is still unknown what side effects will be produced by long-term use. Therefore, the safest way is to use it for a short time, relieve symptoms, and don't rely on it for a long time.

It's better if we can evaluate it regularly, because if we find any injury, we can stop using it immediately to minimize the injury.

5. Do you know best

It is undeniable that these healthy foods are very effective for some people, but they are not good for some people. Individual differences are very big. However, through the power of word of mouth, they will be rendered magical. How can we judge whether we should eat them or not?

Experts suggest that after 10 days of use, we can see if the symptoms have improved, for example, whether the flush phenomenon is better. If there is no reaction after more than two weeks, we should not force ourselves to eat foolishly.

Another observable indicator is: whether the spirit, physical strength and mood are getting better? Whether the sleep is good? Whether the overall health condition is improved? If the symptoms still exist, but the overall development is positive, it means that there are signs of improvement and it is worth continuing to use.

From correct diagnosis and evaluation to careful use, eating in this way can ensure your health.