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How does menopausal syndrome carry on effective psychological adjustment

Menopausal syndrome is a series of symptoms caused by the decrease of estrogen level. In most women, the decline of ovarian function is relatively slow, and the body's self-regulation and compensation are sufficient to adapt to this change, or have only mild symptoms. How to carry out psychological regulation of climacteric syndrome?

1. Behavior action relationship. That is to make blind contact with other people's behaviors and actions. Sometimes a few other people are talking about something quietly. It happens that a menopausal woman passes by, and they stop talking or suddenly laugh. Even though these people talk about it as having nothing to do with her, this woman will immediately connect it sensitively? They talk behind their backs and make me laugh. The imbalance in the heart will expand immediately, and the emotion will be excited immediately.

2. Hypersensitivity. Excessive sensitivity, the occurrence of some unpleasant events around the forced contact with themselves, listening to the wind is rain. When I heard that a woman of the same age died of cancer, I immediately thought that she might have the same fate. At home, if a child comes back late after school, she will think about whether there is a traffic accident on the road; if a female comrade hangs up at home or her lover comes back late, she will think whether there is a third party. These connections are often gray, i.e. unhappy, depressed, and sad? This is a reflection of this kind of hypersensitivity.

3. Pay special attention to gossip. In some units, there are always some people who like to spread hearsay or gossip. Some menopausal women are active participants and victims of such communication. When the rumors are exaggerated and untrue, it will cause interpersonal tension, which is also a kind of malignant stimulation for menopausal women.