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What causes menopausal syndrome

What is the cause of menopause syndrome? Women will encounter menopause, know how to treat and care during the new year, but what is the cause of menopause syndrome?

Menopausal changes are the cause of menopause syndrome. In fact, menstrual changes include two aspects: ① ovarian dysfunction, the decline of estrogen level in the body has a direct impact on the body; ② the change of body aging. The two are often intertwined. The syndrome group with unstable neurovascular function is the prominent manifestation of menopause, which is mainly related to the decrease of sex hormone, but its mechanism is not fully understood.

Climacteric syndrome refers to the symptoms of various organ systems and the body piece syndrome caused by the mental and psychological changes, neuroendocrine and metabolic changes during menopause. The aging of human life is an important development trend of modern society. Therefore, the health care and disease prevention and treatment of menopausal and postmenopausal women is an important task faced by gynecologists and even the whole society.

In addition, women's individual quality, health status, social environment and mental nerve can also lead to menopausal syndrome.