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What reason causes menstruation not to adjust easily?

Health reminder: Women's body is beautiful and fragile, irregular menstruation has become a very common gynecological disease, so what is the cause of irregular menstruation? This is a problem that we are more interested in, in view of this problem, we will briefly introduce it for you today!

Gynecological experts point out that there are two major causes of irregular menstruation

1. Neuroendocrine dysfunction caused by: mainly after the brain - pituitary - ovarian axis function instability or defect, namely menstrual disease.

2. Organic lesions or drugs caused: including local inflammation of reproductive organs, tumor and dysplasia, malnutrition; cranium

Internal diseases; other endocrine disorders, such as thyroid gland, adrenal gland skin holding dysfunction, diabetes, Sheehan's disease, etc.; liver diseases; blood diseases. The use of drugs for the treatment of psychosis, endocrine preparations or intrauterine device contraception may occur irregular menstruation. Some professions, such as long-distance runners, are prone to amenorrhea. In addition, some abnormal bleeding during pregnancy is often mistaken for irregular menstruation. In clinical diagnosis of menstrual diseases with neuroendocrine dysfunction, the above-mentioned organic causes must be excluded.

How about, after listening to the above introduction, we should know something about the cause of irregular menstruation, so female friends should pay attention to their own body changes, so as not to delay the disease.