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How to arrange irregular diet

Menstruation, also known as auntie, is a unique physiological cycle of the female body, which accompanies women from menarche to amenorrhea. Menstruation and women are very close, so women also call it 'old friends'. But most women don't know that this' old friend 'gets along well. Irregular menstruation is troubling countless women at present. Menstruation does not adjust how to do, below introduce menstrual irregular dietotherapy.

Menstruation often early people, should eat less spices, less meat, less onion, onion, green pepper, eat more vegetables.

Menstruation is always late, should eat less cold food, more meat. The first and second day of menstruation is the most delicious ginger fried chicken liver or pig liver.

The so-called "early" and "late" are calculated according to the individual's physiological cycle. Whether it is a 28 day cycle or a 30 day cycle, if you come five days earlier or more than five days late, it means that there is an imbalance between the body and the spirit. In the three periods before, during and after menstruation, if you take the diet suitable for the physical state at that time, it can adjust the physiological and psychological imbalance of women, and it is also a good opportunity to make the skin delicate and oily.

Before menstruation, restlessness, constipation, low back pain, should take a large amount of food to promote intestinal peristalsis and metabolism of things, such as raw vegetables, tofu, etc., to regulate the uneven state of the body.

During menstruation, it can feed on animal liver to maintain body heat. At this time, sweet food can be eaten more, oily food and cold food are not suitable to eat more.

Those who are prone to dizziness and anemia after menstruation can take ginger, scallion, spices and so on before menstruation; after menstruation, they should eat more small fish, meat with more tendons, pork and beef tripe, etc., so as to enhance appetite and restore physical strength.