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Bad living habits can also lead to amenorrhea

Bad living habits can also lead to amenorrhea? Authoritative gynecological experts pointed out that if the girl's living habits are not good, it will also lead to amenorrhea. For specific reasons, please see the following introduction.

Amenorrhea also includes primary amenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea, daily living habits and mental factors can cause amenorrhea. There are many causes of amenorrhea, including the following:

(1) Atresia of lower genital tract. Such as cervix, vagina, hymen, labia and other places, there is a part of congenital atresia, or acquired injury caused by adhesive atresia, although there is menstruation, but menstrual blood can not flow out. This condition is called recessive or pseudo amenorrhea.

(2) Disease. It mainly includes consumptive diseases, such as severe pulmonary tuberculosis, severe anemia, malnutrition, etc., special endocrine diseases, such as obesity, dystrophy, etc.; the influence of some endocrine disorders in the body, such as adrenal gland, thyroid gland, pancreas and other functional disorders. The influence of these reasons may not come to menstruation. But the amenorrhea caused by these conditions, as long as the disease is cured, menstruation will naturally come.

(3) The genitalia is not well-developed or not. Some people are congenital without ovary, or ovaries with poor fertility, or ovarian Qi bad, can not produce estrogen and progesterone, so the endometrium can not have periodic changes, it will not appear endometrial abscission, so there is no menstruation. Some congenital no uterus, or endometrial dysplasia, or endometrial damage, even if the ovarian function is sound, estrogen and progesterone secretion is normal, will not menstruate.