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What causes irregular menstruation? What are the reasons for irregular menstruation

Let's first understand what is irregular menstruation. The following are the common problems of this symptom. You can refer to taking your seat according to the number to see if she has an out of tune problem.

Early menstruation refers to normal menstrual cycle at ordinary times, sudden shortening of menstrual cycle, shorter than 21 days, and more than 2 consecutive cycles, but the amount of menstruation is normal. It belongs to ovulation type dysfunctional uterine bleeding, basic body temperature biphasic. The follicular phase is short, only 7 ~ 8 days, or the luteal phase is shorter than 10 days, or the temperature rise is less than 0.5 ℃.

The menstrual period is delayed. Usually, the menstrual law is more than 7 days after menstruation error, or even a line of 40 ~ 50 days, and there are more than two consecutive menstrual cycles, but the menstrual volume is normal. In ovulation, basal body temperature is biphasic, but the follicular period is long and the high temperature phase is low; Anovulatory, basal body temperature monophasic.

The menstrual period is prolonged, the menstrual cycle is normal, and the menstrual volume is normal, but the menstrual period is prolonged. The menstrual period is more than 7 days, or even 2 weeks. Those with inflammation usually have lower abdominal pain, increased menstruation, and more leucorrhea, yellow or yellow white, thick and delicious. Luteal atrophy and insufficiency were accompanied by excessive menstruation; Those with prolonged endometrial repair still have a small amount of persistent vaginal bleeding after normal menstrual period.

Pregnancy is a complex and delicate process. There are normal sperm and eggs. The sperm and eggs can meet, the eggs can be fertilized and developed, and the fertilized eggs can be planted into the endometrium at an appropriate time. Finally, pregnancy can be successful and develop into a fetus. This process completely depends on the normal function of the gonadal axis. Any problem in any link may affect pregnancy.

Can a long period of irregular menstruation still be pregnant? Experts revealed that irregular menstruation, especially a long period of irregular menstruation, has a lot of impact on pregnancy

What causes irregular menstruation? Analysis of the causes of irregular menstruation

1. Early menstruation is due to internal heat and Qi deficiency. If the body is full of Yang, or overeating spicy products to help Yang, or emotional injury to the liver, liver depression and fire; Or long illness injures Yin, yin deficiency generates heat. No matter the actual heat or the virtual heat, it will cause the heat to attack the Ren, disturb the sea of blood, and go through the blood in advance. If you are tired of eating, think too much, damage the Qi of the spleen and stomach, lack of spleen qi and weak control, or lack of congenital endowment, prolific room labor, kidney deficiency and loss of closed Tibet, you can cause Chong Ren to be unstable, Qi does not absorb blood, and menstruation and blood flow in advance.

2. Late menstruation is due to deficiency and stagnation. If too much childbirth, long illness and blood loss, or spleen and kidney deficiency and insufficient blood source, the sea of blood can not overflow on time and arrive in the late menstruation. Such as deficiency of body Yang, endogenous cold evil, or wading in the rain during menstruation, or eating raw and cold, cold and blood coagulation stagnation; Or poor emotion, liver depression and qi stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis; Or vegetarian spleen deficiency, overeating fat and sweet, phlegm and dampness endogenous. Qi stagnation, blood stasis, cold dampness, phlegm turbidity and other stagnant Chong Ren occupy the sea of blood, menstrual blood is not good, and arrive in the late menstrual period.

3. Menstruation has no regular multiple responsibility of the liver and kidney. The liver stores blood, which is the main catharsis, the anger hurts the liver, the liver Qi is depressed, the liver loses catharsis, the Qi disorder is the blood disorder, and the menstruation is difficult to determine. Kidney stores essence, kidney essence deficiency, no refined blood, which can lead to later stage; Medical education network collects and arranges the deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency of yin and vigorous fire, which can lead to early; Prolific atrial labor, long-term illness, kidney injury, insufficient kidney qi, dereliction of duty in sealing, Chong Ren dysfunction, abnormal menstrual blood storage and overflow, can lead to irregular menstrual periods.

(1) Women are more emotional, but abnormal emotions cause menstrual disorders, emotional abnormalities, long-term mental depression, sultry, or suffer from major mental stimulation and psychological trauma, which can lead to menstrual disorders, or dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, because menstruation is the stimulation secreted by ovaries, The ovarian secretion stimulated Su formed after stimulating endometrium is controlled by the release of stimulated Su from pituitary and hypothalamus. Therefore, the abnormal function of ovary, pituitary and hypothalamus will affect menstruation.

(2) In addition, dieting is a common cause of irregular menstruation. Menarche can occur only when the fat of girls accounts for at least 17% of their body weight, and the normal menstrual cycle can be maintained only when the body fat reaches at least 22% of their body weight. Many girls love beauty to lose weight, and excessive dieting leads to insufficient energy intake, resulting in the consumption of a large amount of fat and protein in the body, resulting in the disorder of female stimulation Su synthesis, The obvious lack of menstruation affects menstruation, and even the amount of menstruation is rare, or amenorrhea.

(3) Cold stimulation can cause menorrhagia or even amenorrhea. This is because cold stimulation during menstruation will cause excessive contraction of blood vessels in the pelvic cavity. Therefore, women should have regular daily life to avoid overwork. In particular, they should prevent cold and humidity during menstruation, and do not wear less clothes because of beauty, which is harmful to health.

(4) Constipation can also cause menstrual disorder in women. After excessive fecal filling in the rectum, the cervix will be moved forward and the uterus will tilt back. If the uterus tilts back repeatedly for a long time, the veins in the broad ligament will be compressed and blocked, and the uterine wall will be congested and lose elasticity, leading to low back pain and menstrual disorder.

To sum up, the disease is harmful, the patient population is also very wide, and the causes of irregular menstruation are very many and complex. During the conditioning period, users need to pay more attention to diet, life or work. In most cases, it can be adjusted completely.

What are the hazards of irregular menstruation

What are the hazards of irregular menstruation

1. Irregular menstruation leads to the deterioration of the condition: many women's irregular menstruation is caused by some gynecological diseases, among which the most common are hysteromyoma and ovarian cyst. If they are not treated in time, it will lead to the deterioration of the condition.

2. Bleeding anemia caused by irregular menstruation: the harm of irregular menstruation can lead to bleeding anemia due to long-term excessive menstruation or irregular bleeding, dizziness, fatigue, panic, shortness of breath and other phenomena, and even life-threatening in severe cases

3. Irregular menstruation affects women's physical and mental health:

Women around the age of 30: there are obvious abnormal phenomena such as color spots, relaxation, dark and dull skin, large and rough pores, which are unfavorable to the metabolism and detoxification in women, and easy to aging and infertility.

Women between 30-40 years old: endocrine disorders, obvious decline and weakening of female secondary sex syndrome, and even menopausal symptoms in advance.

Irregular menstruation includes pre menstruation, post menstruation and irregular menstruation. Menstruation is called premenstrual if it is more than 7 days ahead of schedule for more than two consecutive menstrual cycles; The menstrual cycle is delayed for more than 7 days, or even 40 or 50 days in a row, with more than two consecutive cycles, which is called late menstruation; Menstruation is called irregular menstruation when the menstrual cycle is advanced for more than 7 days after the delay and more than 3 consecutive cycles. The disease of irregular menstruation is located in Chong Ren cell palace, which is closely related to the imbalance of Qi and blood in the liver, spleen and kidney. Pre menstruation is often seen in luteal insufficiency in modern medicine. Late menstruation and irregular menstruation belong to the category of dysfunctional uterine bleeding in western medicine.