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How should chronic cervicitis care best?

1. Cause of disease

Cervicitis is a common disease in women of childbearing age, there are two kinds of acute and chronic. Acute cervicitis often occurs at the same time as puerperal infection, infectious abortion or acute vaginitis.

2. Nursing diagnosis

The main symptom of patients with chronic endometritis is increased leucorrhea. Due to the different range and degree of pathogenic bacteria and inflammation, the quantity, color, taste and character of leucorrhea are also different. It can be milky white mucinous, yellowish purulent and bloody leucorrhea. When the inflammation spreads along the uterosacral ligament to the pelvic cavity, there will be lumbosacral pain, lower abdominal pain or dysmenorrhea. Every time in menstruation, defecation or sexual intercourse aggravation. Viscous purulent leucorrhea is not conducive to sperm through, can cause infertility. Examination, visible cervical erosion, polyps, laceration, valgus, gland cyst, hypertrophy and other changes.

3. Nursing measures

(1) Keep the appearance clean, often change underwear, underwear should be soft, choose pure cotton or silk.

(2) During the period of incomplete wound healing (4-8 weeks after operation), pelvic bath, sexual intercourse and vaginal irrigation should be avoided.

(3) One month after the operation. Within 2 months, after the menstruation was clean, they went to the hospital regularly for reexamination to understand the wound healing.

(4) Chronic cervicitis course is long, patients often lack self-confidence, should be patient to explain the disease, so that patients establish confidence, take the initiative to cooperate with the treatment.

4. Treatment and first aid

medication. It is suitable for patients with small erosive surface, shallow inflammatory infiltration or limited conditions. Use 25% silver nitrate, chromic acid and other local corrosion in the local area. Before medication, the vagina should be irrigated, then dried with dry cotton ball, and the normal vaginal mucosa should be protected with cotton ball. Many traditional Chinese medicine powder also has certain curative effect, but it is forbidden to use during menstruation and pregnancy. Sexual intercourse and bath are forbidden after medication.