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What harm can acute pelvic inflammatory disease have if not treated

Some women's understanding of acute pelvic inflammatory disease is not so much, so many women patients do not pay attention to the harm of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, which leads to the aggravation of the disease. If you do not treat acute friends, what harm will there be?

For this problem, gynecological authoritative experts said that if it is acute pelvic inflammatory disease, and the patient's friends will be acute, mainly reflected in its high temperature, fast heart rate, abdominal distension, lower abdominal muscle tension, tenderness and rebound pain. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease due to pelvic blood stasis, patients can appear menstrual increase. These effects and harm to female friends caused by the impact and harm is very big, so once you have such symptoms, you should go to a professional hospital to receive standardized treatment.

In addition, authoritative gynecological experts also pointed out: acute pelvic inflammatory disease will lead to ovarian function damage, and then women will show menstrual disorders. But when oviduct adhesion, obstruction, can lead to female infertility. Therefore, if a female friend accidentally infected with acute pelvic inflammatory disease, it should be timely to the professional gynecological hospital to do a detailed examination, and then according to the etiology of symptomatic treatment, only in this way can we completely away from the impact of inflammation and harm, protect their health.