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How to maintain pelvic health in winter?

How to maintain pelvic health in winter? How do women maintain their pelvic cavity? First of all, do a good job in the hygiene of menstrual period, pregnancy and puerperium. When the lochia is not clean during menstrual period, early pregnancy and puerperium, and the uterus does not return to normal, pay attention to the cleanness of vulva and do not have the same room.

Secondly, pay attention to contraception and reduce the opportunities of uterine cavity operations such as abortion and induced labor, so as to reduce the possibility of infection. When vaginal bleeding is not clean three days before abortion and induced labor and after abortion and induced labor, do not have the same room. And pay attention to sexual hygiene to reduce sexually transmitted diseases. When there is vaginitis, both men and women should be treated at the same time. They can have the same room only after they are cured.

Finally, pay attention to personal hygiene, exercise, enhance physique, timely and thoroughly cure acute pelvic inflammatory disease and prevent it from becoming chronic.

Gynecological experts remind that female friends should pay attention to some common sense of gynecological inflammation. When similar symptoms are suspected, they should seek medical treatment in time. Do not use drugs without authorization, delay the condition, and add obstacles to the next formal treatment.