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What does the dietotherapy prescription that prevents female pelvic inflammatory disease have?

What does the dietotherapy prescription that prevents female pelvic inflammatory disease have? Got pelvic inflammatory disease to pay attention to care, to strengthen nutrition. During the period of fever, it is advisable to eat a light and digestible diet. For the patients with high fever, pear juice, apple juice and watermelon juice can be given, but they should not be drunk after freezing. The patients with yellow leucorrhea, large amount and thick texture belong to damp heat syndrome, and they should not eat greasy and spicy food. Patients with less abdominal cold pain, fear of cold, waist pain, belong to cold coagulation qi stagnation type, can be given ginger soup, brown sugar water, Guiyuan meat and other warm food in the diet. Five heart trouble heat, low back pain are mostly kidney yin deficiency, can eat meat and eggs, flesh and blood sentimental products, to nourish strong.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is divided into acute and chronic two kinds. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease is characterized by fever, chills, abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, leucorrhea, etc.

Pelvic inflammatory disease can also be treated in diet

Food therapy for pelvic inflammatory disease:

1. 20 grams of wolfberry, 20 grams of angelica, 100 grams of lean pork, boiled soup with other ingredients. It is suitable for pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Patrinia villosa 20g, peach kernel 10g, Auricularia auricula 10g, fried in water, 1 dose daily, for several days. It is suitable for pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Patrinia villosa 50g, Arnebia Root 15g, decoct in water, add brown sugar 25g, mix well and take. It is suitable for pelvic inflammatory disease.

4. Honeysuckle 15g, Patrinia 30g, dandelion 20g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 10g, Fructus aurantii 10g, Radix Aucklandiae 10g, decocted in water, one dose daily, 3-5 doses in succession. It is suitable for pelvic inflammatory disease.

5. Huaihua 10g, Yimi 20g, wax gourd 20g, decoct in water, remove residue, take juice, add 50-100g rice, cook porridge. It is suitable for pelvic inflammatory disease.

How to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease

1) Put an end to all kinds of infection, keep the perineum clean and dry, wash the vulva with clean water every night, and do it by special person. Do not wash the vagina by hand, or wash the vulva with hot water or soap. When pelvic inflammatory disease leucorrhea quantity is many, the quality is thick, therefore must frequently change the underpants, does not wear the tight fitting, the chemical fiber texture underpants.

2) If there is vaginal bleeding during menstruation period, after operation, upper and lower ring removal, it must be prohibited. Swimming, bath and sauna bath are prohibited, and sanitary napkins should be changed frequently. At this time, the body's resistance is reduced, and pathogenic bacteria are easy to take the opportunity to enter, causing infection.

3) Some patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, slightly uncomfortable, take antibiotics, long-term use can appear in the vagina flora disorder, and cause vaginal secretions increased, white bean dregs like leucorrhea, at this time, should be immediately to see a doctor, eliminate fungal.

4) Febrile patients usually sweat more when they get rid of fever. They should keep warm and keep dry. After sweating, they should change their clothes and avoid blowing air conditioner or direct convection wind.

5) Pay attention to observe the quantity, quality, color and taste of leucorrhea. If the amount of leucorrhea changes from yellow to white (or light yellow), and the taste tends to be normal (slightly sour), it indicates that the disease is getting better,

6) Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, abdominal mass patients with traditional Chinese medicine retention enema treatment, the effect is very good, it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, soft and firm scattered knot, clearing heat and detoxification or warming the palace and dispersing cold.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the food therapy for the prevention and treatment of female pelvic inflammatory disease. More topics about food therapy for the prevention and treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!