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Which common traditional Chinese medicine effective treatment of gynecological diseases?

Seven kinds of common traditional Chinese medicine can effectively regulate and treat gynecological diseases. There are several traditional Chinese medicines that are specially used to regulate and treat gynecological diseases and improve women's physique. They are aloe, pearl, wolfberry, white peony, chuanxiong, angelica and Astragalus. Among them, white peony, chuanxiong and Danggui plus yiweishudi are the four medicines in Siwu Decoction, a famous gynecological prescription with a history of more than 1000 years.

Chinses angelica:

Since the northern and Southern Dynasties, Angelica sinensis has been regarded as a treasure of invigorating blood circulation. It can tonify blood and regulate menstruation, promote blood circulation and relieve pain, moisturize skin, strengthen body and prolong life. It plays an extremely important role in protecting women's health.

Li Shizhen believes that Angelica sinensis is an important medicine for women to regulate blood.

Astragalus membranaceus L

Astragalus can enhance the skin nutrition and antibacterial ability of skin, prevent skin aging, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It contains a variety of amino acids and essential trace elements and folic acid, which has the role of comprehensive nutrition.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can tonify the middle and replenish qi, and has curative effect on Qi deficiency and blood detachment, band collapse and all Qi failure and blood deficiency.

Radix Paeoniae Alba:

"Rihuazi Materia Medica" commented on it: "the treatment of wind and waterlogging, the master of all women's diseases, and postpartum diseases. "Tang Materia Medica" says it benefits women's blood. '

Modern Chinese medicine believes that it can nourish the blood and soften the liver, relieve pain, and has an effect on irregular menstruation, metrorrhagia and metrorrhagia.

rhizome of chuanxiong:

Chuanxiong has a very high evaluation in the Tang Dynasty's rihuazi materia medica: "it can cure all wind, all Qi, all strain, all blood, supplement five kinds of labor, promote qi to open depression, promote blood circulation to relieve pain, and is effective for amenorrhea, dystocia, postpartum stasis block pain, etc. Strengthening the muscles and bones, regulating the arteries and nourishing the new blood. '


Pearl has always been a valuable traditional Chinese medicine. It has a special nourishing and health care effect on the skin. It can keep the face delicate, white and tender, promote the regeneration of human cells, prevent aging and delay the generation of wrinkles.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of nourishing yin and calming the nerves, calming the heart, calming the wind and clearing away heat, detoxifying and promoting muscle regeneration, and can treat vertigo, headache, tinnitus, irritability, insomnia, palpitation and other diseases.


For women, aloe is the most familiar beauty product.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, aloe can treat heat clearing, defecation, constipation due to heat, amenorrhea, etc.

fruit of Chinese wolfberry:

Lycium barbarum L. is the first recorded gynecological medicine in China. It can nourish yin and blood, benefit liver and kidney, brighten eyes and moisten skin, black hair and nourish face.

"Chongqing Tang essays" commented on it: "it is specially for tonifying the heart and blood, which is beyond the reach of other drugs. '

According to the dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine, it nourishes the kidney, moistens the lung, invigorates the liver and brightens the eyes.

After reading the above content, you should know more about the effective treatment of gynecological diseases with 7 common Chinese medicines. More topics about women's health will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!