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Clean underwear correctly, protect private health and refuse vaginitis

Wash underwear correctly, protect private health and refuse vaginitis. Underwear as a woman's personal clothing, its cleanliness is directly related to health. Therefore, the cleaning and treatment of underwear plays a particularly important role in women's private health. So, how to clean a woman's underwear?

Choose the right underwear

Many women have lower itching, vaginal secretions stink discoloration problems, this is the small underpants material tight not ventilation caused by the problem. When buying small underpants, it's best to use cotton material and loose design. We should take care of the lower part of the body healthily on ordinary days, and we can afford to wear specially designed underpants on special days. If you want to enchant your partner, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your lower body.

Clean it, no residue of detergent

It's better to wash the underwear by hand or separately. Try not to wash it with pants and socks. Many girls use too much detergent in order to clean their close fitting clothes. On the contrary, it causes residue and skin allergy.

Sun exposure and ultraviolet sterilization

In order to maintain the image of a lady, many girls always hang their underpants in a dark place. This will betray the good intentions of nature, because the sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, which can sterilize and keep the small underpants clean. If you are still embarrassed to let the small underpants in the sun, you need to use the dryer to dry the small underpants thoroughly. Clean and refreshing small underpants, they will be comfortable to wear.

1. Underwear needs to be changed every day. Don't let the underpants stay overnight, or a lot of bacteria will breed, which will make cleaning very difficult.

2. Underwear needs hand washing. First, the washing machine is not clean, which may lead to the spread of bacteria; second, hand washing can increase the friction density, which is conducive to local cleaning, so that the underwear can be washed more clean.

3. What do you use to clean underwear. As we all know, a woman's privacy is a weak acid environment, and cleaning products are generally alkaline, so we should choose a cleaner that is not too alkaline and has better cleaning ability, such as soap or soap with sterilization ability. At the same time, it is better to prepare a special cleaning utensil.

Finally, it should be noted that sometimes the underwear will deform and harden after being washed and dried, which is due to the direct exposure of the underwear to the sun. Underpants need to be dried in a well ventilated place, and then disinfected in the sun.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the problem of correctly cleaning underwear, caring for private health and rejecting vaginitis. Today, we will introduce here. More topics about women's health will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!