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What method treats vaginitis won't recur?

Vaginitis is a common female disease, although the treatment of vaginitis is not very troublesome. However, vaginitis must be treated in time, otherwise it will cause serious complications. In addition, if you do not pay attention at ordinary times, vaginitis is also easy to relapse, so, what are the treatment methods of vaginitis? What method to treat vaginitis will not recur?

For vaginitis, which kind of treatment is more safe and effective? What method to treat vaginitis will not recur?

1. Accurate positioning of high-end detection: the US true color electronic colposcopy technology is used, optical system and high-resolution images are used to accurately and clearly observe the lesions of vagina, cervix and other parts, select the suspicious parts accurately, do the biopsy after sampling, screen the suspicious parts, effectively prevent the occurrence and development of malignant lesions, achieve early diagnosis and treatment, and have little pain It is easy to operate.

2. Spectral radiation hyperthermia clearance: using the photothermal effect of microwave and multi-function spectral therapeutic instrument, it radiates the inflammatory lesion tissue, makes its cell protein coagulate, necrosis, fall off, and then repair the wound, promote metabolism and enhance immunity.

3. Drug intervention in combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine: through ion atomizer, deep lavage and direct delivery of the focus, clearing heat, removing dampness and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, enhancing immunity, and promoting the regression of inflammation and edema. And with western medicine treatment, fundamentally control inflammation.

4. Overall conditioning to enhance immunity: use traditional Chinese medicine for comprehensive conditioning, enhance immunity, consolidate the therapeutic effect. And regulate life, diet, spirit, etc., eliminate the inducing factors, and put an end to cross infection of inflammation.