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Why is vaginitis called "gynecological cold"

I believe that female friends are not unfamiliar with vaginitis. Now many women suffer from vaginitis, which affects their physical and mental health. Many women are distressed by vaginitis. They have checked all possible sources of infection. Their underwear and towels are also disinfected at high temperature. All the precautions are seemingly perfect. However, vaginitis can not be cured for a long time. What is the reason for the frequent treatment of vaginitis?

Experts explain: vaginitis does not heal for a long time, to consider in addition to the source of infection, for example, there is a reason related to personal age constitution, some people belong to hot and humid constitution or like to eat spicy and greasy food, resulting in internal environment fire, heavy moisture is easy to recurrent vaginitis, such a situation can be conditioned with Chinese medicine.

How should a woman judge whether or not because of internal fire, heavy moisture and lead to repeated attacks of vaginitis? Doctors suggest that you can self check the condition of leucorrhea. Under normal circumstances, the female's leucorrhea should be transparent egg white shape, and if the body moisture is heavy, when the internal fire is big, the leucorrhea is viscous, yellowing, and the odor is obvious, but generally there will be no obvious itching.

How should women with large internal fire and heavy dampness take care of themselves in their daily life

Daily behavior:

1. Early to bed, early to rise, regular life, ensure adequate sleep. Keep the affected area clean. Do not abuse cosmetics and drugs.

2. Don't eat spicy food. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of boiled water.

3. Build confidence, not sad, not distressed, happy mood.

Experts remind: summer is the season of high incidence of vaginitis, many women because of vulva pruritus, leucorrhea abnormal and restless, some also accompanied by pain when urination or sexual intercourse discomfort, seriously affecting the quality of life. Due to the complexity and diversity of social life styles, some young women even suspect that they have sexually transmitted diseases, but they are too shy to speak up and dare not go to the regular hospital for gynecological treatment, resulting in delay in the disease.