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Why can you get vaginitis

Why can be entangled by vaginitis? Why can oneself get vaginitis? Many women don't know why they get vaginitis, what is the reason? Is this kind of disease venereal disease? Let's listen to the introduction of gynecological experts.

1. Long term use of contraceptives: due to the estrogen class contained in the contraceptive to promote the formation of fungal hyphae, leading to its further invasion of vaginal tissue, which is easy to cause vaginitis and bring pain and trouble to female friends.

2. Excessive cleaning: if women frequently use medicine cleaner or lotion to clean vulva, it is easy to destroy the inherent environment of vagina, reduce the vaginal self antibacterial ability, and easily lead to vaginitis.

3. Abuse of antibiotics: This is the most important cause of vaginitis, which can be attributed to the fact that antibiotics not only kill pathogenic bacteria, but also inhibit some beneficial bacteria, while the uninhibited and foreign drug-resistant bacteria will take advantage of the opportunity to proliferate, but increase the probability of infection with vaginitis.