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How does trichomonal sex prevent recrudescence

How to prevent the recurrence of trichomonal vaginitis, experts pointed out that this is a relatively stubborn disease, after treatment, if there is no good nursing work is relatively easy to relapse, in order to reduce the pain of recurrence of the disease to patients, experts introduce how to prevent the recurrence of trichomonal vaginitis, hoping to help you.

For the repeated attacks of trichomonal vaginitis, the prevention measures of the majority of female friends at ordinary times are very important. If they don't pay attention to it, they are easy to be infected again. This not only increases the trouble of patients, but also is very troublesome for the treatment of trichomonal vaginitis.

Therefore, it is suggested that patients must pay attention to strengthen the prevention in life. If you have any discomfort, you should go to the hospital in time to prevent the recurrence of inflammation under the guidance of doctors.

Because Trichomonas easy to hide in the vaginal fold, when the vaginal acidity after menstruation decreased, trichomonas can reproduce again, so trichomonal vaginitis often recurred after menstruation.

Therefore, to prevent the recurrence of trichomonal vaginitis, we should pay attention to the following aspects: during the treatment period, we should keep the vulva clean, clean the vulva every day and change our underwear, but we should not abuse the lotion to clean the lower body; we should prohibit sexual life during the treatment; patients with acute trichomonal vaginitis should not eat spicy food and drink alcohol; Married patients should be treated with both men and women, and the prevention and treatment principle is mainly to prevent their repeated infection through sexual life.