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How to prevent vaginitis

Getting vaginitis doesn't mean that it can't be cured. It's because it's hard for female friends to bear the repeated onset of vaginitis. Therefore, how to avoid the imbalance of vaginal flora and find effective ways to prevent vaginitis is a problem that the majority of patients must pay attention to. Here is how to prevent vaginitis.

1、 Women should eat sugar reasonably

Too much sweets will lead to too much sugar in the body and produce a lot of acid. It will also change the normal weak acid environment in women's vagina, resulting in excessive growth and reproduction of mold. Clinical statistics also show that 90% of female patients in reducing their daily sugar intake, the risk of vaginitis also decreased.

2、 Do not abuse antibiotics and lotions

At present, the abuse of antibiotics and lotions are the two most important reasons for the imbalance of vaginal flora. There are many side effects of abusing antibiotics. In addition to drug resistance and damage to liver, kidney and hematopoietic system, the biggest harm to women is that it can cause the imbalance of vaginal flora - killing Lactobacillus and breeding mould. In addition, more and more women choose to use lotion to clean private places, but this practice is more likely to damage the acid-base of the vaginal environment, disrupt the normal flora, and then cause or aggravate various vaginitis.

3、 Don't wash the vulva with soap and body wash

Many girls wash their vulva with soap and bath gel every day when they take a shower. Over a long period of time, they will dry the vulva and destroy the balance of vaginal flora. Therefore, the best way to take care of private places is to wash them with warm boiled water every day, and avoid touching bath products such as soap.