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How to treat vaginitis quickly with traditional Chinese medicine?

How to treat vaginitis quickly with traditional Chinese medicine? The onset of some vaginitis is related to the imbalance of the body. If the patient is kidney deficiency, blood deficiency, low immunity or spleen deficiency, it will lead to the injection of damp heat and cause vaginitis. Traditional Chinese medicine can adjust according to the constitution. After the constitution is improved, the body immunity is improved, vaginitis can be cured, and some symptoms such as irregular menstruation caused by damp heat can also be improved.

After suffering from vaginitis, you should first go to a regular hospital for examination to determine the type of vaginitis. Vaginitis is divided into trichomonal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, senile vaginitis, etc. except for senile vaginitis caused by ovarian function, other types can be cured under the guidance of doctors.

In addition, senile vaginitis is difficult to cure because of the reduction of estrogen in patients and the imbalance of vaginal pH. such patients are advised to take some heat clearing and dampness removing drugs for health care, such as Zhibai Dihuang pill or decoction. Vaginitis patients should avoid spicy, irritating and greasy food every day to avoid damp and heat in the body.