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Correct method of vaginal medication in women

The correct method of medication in women's vagina. Now many gynecological diseases adopt the method of vaginal tamponade, but many people don't know how to use it. Gynecological experts say that vaginal medication is very common, but how to use it still has a certain relationship with the curative effect.

First of all, when seeing a doctor, you should carefully listen to the doctor's words and ask what you don't understand in time;

Second, carefully read the instructions for the use of drugs. If you have any questions, contact your doctor in time;

Third, generally vaginal tamponade is at night, which can fully decompose the drug during sleep and directly act on the local part. If used during the day, it is easy to make the drug flow out through the vagina, which not only pollutes the underwear, but also can not make the drug fully contact the diseased part;

Fourth, we must adhere to treatment. If the drug is blocked due to vaginitis or cervicitis, we should strive for a complete cure. After treatment, we should still follow the doctor's advice to the hospital for review. We can't go head and tail because the symptoms are relieved. If we don't completely cure, it is easy to relapse, which will make bacteria resistant and affect the curative effect.

Fifth, some patients don't understand why others don't do vaginal flushing, but they have to do it themselves? In fact, for patients with more leucorrhea, direct drug injection will affect the curative effect, so the doctor will recommend flushing first to reduce the secretion before drug injection. This flushing is best carried out in a hospital.

Flushing the vagina is contrary to their wishes - many women are used to or misled. After unclean sexual intercourse, they mostly use commodities to flush the vagina. First, they prevent pregnancy and second, they are afraid of catching sexually transmitted diseases. However, the medical survey results are just the opposite. Doctors in Indonesia have analyzed 599 women in prenatal clinics and found that women who often use commercial flushing fluid for vaginal flushing have an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases than women who never use flushing fluid.

Sixth, some suppositories are equipped with tampons, which should be taken out in time and not for too long.

Seventh, during the filling period, keep the vulva clean and dry, wear cotton breathable underwear and change it every day. If it is trichomonal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, not only husband and wife should be treated together, but also pay attention to disinfection of underwear every day.

Eighth, it is best not to have sex during the treatment period, and stop the drug during the menstrual period.